"Aquarius' Greeting card
"Aquarius' Greeting card
"Aquarius' Greeting card

"Aquarius' Greeting card

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A traveling naturalist, and pleasure seeker;
The nudist can spend most of their time naked and relaxing at home, or swimming and swinging at a private resort.
They already know they are sexy and will flaunt it by seductively bending and stretching outdoors regardless if there is an audience.
In contrast to their freedom and comfortability, their sex life is a lot more hidden, exclusive and passionate. Who wouldn’t want to be secluded for sex without interruption? 🏝

• Sizes: Small: 4″ × 6″ (101 × 152 mm)
Medium: 5″ × 7″ (127 × 178 mm)
Large: 5.83″ × 8.27″ (148 × 210 mm)

• Toner-based printing
• Vibrant colors
• Comes with a complimentary envelope